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Based on our rich experiences in educating corporate managers and
directors globally, CICOM BRAINS and MM UGM now offer public
seminar series for the junior to senior managers/directors.

The participant will acquire:
  1. The latest business/ communication theories and its application In the real world.
  2. Consistent experience and knowledge effective to grow as a leader
  3. Network among the other managers with various back ground From Japan, Indonesia and global companies.

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Telp. : (+62 21)8730.0333 / 83700339


1. Management for Global Managers
Whether working globally or locally, few organizations can work solely within their own cultural context. Successful management of cultural diversity has therefore become a strategic advantage. This learning program provides scientific tool leading across culture, help you improve cross-cultural awareness and communication skills when working with overseas business people.
12 April 2019
13 September 2019
IDR 2,800,000
2. Intercultural Management (Focus on Japan company) for Indonesian employee
Understanding Japanese business mind-set and its culture helps managers to make better performance and better relationship within the company. This training is focusing on Japanese culture in working place and use the relevant and real cases. This is an interactive course, where the participants are requested to analyze their own experiences and assessment.
15 March 2019
9 August 2019
12 December 2019
IDR 2,800,000
3. Power of Logic
Business people must be able to organize their idea Logically in making proposals, negotiating, reporting, presenting, planning, analyzing and solving the problems. Power of Logic is a way of thinking that anyone can do simply by understanding a few principles, and it is a skill essential for modern business people.
28 June 2019
22 November 2019
IDR 2,800,000
4. Design Thinking for Innovative Managers
Design thinking is a powerful process of problem solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. It emerges a process for innovation that encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. When design thinking approaches are applied to business, the success rate for innovation improves substantially.
19 July 2019
12 December 2019
IDR 2,800,000
5. Basic Management
Becoming a manager and having subordinates requires new mind-set and new skills. The class will start with the discussion of manager's role, which is totally different from being just an employee. Further, the discussion will lead to analyze the Expectation from the bosses, from the directors and corporate values. This class also covers the team management and communications and performance management skills.
26 April 2019
18 October 2019
IDR 2,800,000
6. Strategic HR Business Partner(HRBP)
Suitable for HR staffs or HR managers who wants to enhance their expertise as a Business Partner. The participants will learn advanced HR and also corporate management issues so that they can solve business issues with HR strategy This 6 day intensive program also provides interesting interaction with HR practitioners, real cases and talented professors.
Batch 2:
2 Feb. — 6 Mar. 2019
(6 meeting every Saturday)

Batch 3:
7 Sept. —12 Oct. 2019
(6 meeting every Saturday)
IDR 18,000,000
7. Learning Trip to ATD 2019:
ATD is the world largest conference in the Talent Development field and attracts more than 10,000 HR professionals, corporate directors and C-suites every year in the United States. We organize the experiential trip where the participants can maximize this 4 days conference with 300+ sessions in 10 different discussion tracks. The participants will receive extensive briefing and guidance before the departure and briefing session in the evenings on all 4 days with HR professional, Sari Sitalaksmi.PhD, in where the participants can also share their experience and clarify the questions. Participants will acquire the best practices. new HR solutions, networks and professional mind-set through this event.
19 - 22 May 2019 USD 5,500
8. # UPC for General Sales

# UPC for Financial Sectors (for Banking and Insurance)

This program helps your sales personnel to understand the true needs of clients faster than your competitors by proposing appropriately and closing each deal (discussion) with confidence. The UPC is proven training which has been deployed in Japan. China. Singapore and Thailand over the last 25 years. Both sales managers and sales representative, or technical sales Personnel can benefit from this practical and systematic approach with a lot of exercises and role—plays.

Courses focusing on Financial sectors are also available.

1 March 2019
2 August 2019

13 September 2019
15 November 2019
IDR 2,800,000



We are keen on following the changes in the business environment and talent development trends and provide the latest knowledge and skills for the next generation managers.


We focus on bringing the participants to the center of the class and let them experience theory and frameworks using their hands and brain. The lecture time is minimized.


We have a strong pool of talented instructors with hands-on business experience who will effectively facilitate discussions and provide useful advice.

About Collaborator


CICOM BRAINS is a company which supports client’s business by building a strong learning environment, identifying and motivating talent, and optimizing training. 0urgoal is to exceed client expectations by continuously offering new insights. With offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore. Bangkok, and Jakarta, plus local professional and academic partners, we pride ourselves as the innovators of training and development. Together with our clients, we redefine and create value using the latest business concepts and tools in the field so stretch the potential and performance of both the individual and the organization. CICOM BRAINS offer the most suitable training and development solutions tailored to your needs for your target participants, be it for domestic or global businesses, for higher executives or new recruits, for experiential exposure or to encourage theoretical application, or to enhance individual or organizational learning.


Master of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada(MM FEB UGM) offers a high quality MBA and executive educations (EDP) that meets international standards. evidenced by strong collaborations with a myriad of prestigious schools around the world. MM FEB UGM as part of Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty of Economics and Business successfully earns the AACSB accreditation, allows us to offer to students both student exchange and double degree programs in a vast array of disciplines and specializations. In addition, international networks have widely opened opportunities to faculties to conduct joint research and participate in faculty exchange programs with highly reputable global partner universities. MM FEB UGM also applies four pillars of professional education model that uniquely combine science. craft, art, and soul into its curriculum, which are the core tenets required by future leaders. Come and discover your leadership potential through a top quality and unique program at MM FEB UGM.